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Irina Golomb

Evidence-based approach in a down to earth way

My passion and deep desire is to contribute to creating a world free of common preventable chronic disease. I do this through implementing an evidence-based approach to lifestyle and diet, centered around whole, real food. I hold a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Physiology) from the University of Melbourne and a Masters in Human Nutrition from Deakin University. Over the past seven years I have been presenting about the health benefits of a whole food diet to a variety of audiences, from wellness centres, schools and community groups. I love to take my knowledge and show people hands on ways of bringing real food into their lives, which I do through workshops and cuisine demonstrations. In addition, I have helped people with specific issues through one on one consultations.

I was born in Ukraine, grew up in Melbourne, Australia and am currently based in Israel. The food cultures that I grew up with and am surrounded today by allow me to have a rich, holistic view of eating, food preparation, rituals and a deeper understanding of our relationships with food. I have studied extensively the biochemical processes involved in digesting food (and I love the geeky science behind it all), and I also recognise that meal times are about so much more than simply fueling our body, 

I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a mum to three awesome children. I have first-hand experience nourishing my family, dealing with picky eaters and food intolerance. I wade through the latest scientific research, combine that with common sense and show you how to bring simple and delicious nourishment to yourself and your families.  I hope to be able to help you to bring real food and real health into your life in a simple, down to earth and sustainable way. 

Have a look through my site to get ideas on how to start bringing more health and deliciousness in to your every day. 

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